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    This page contains information on how Panoptes manages personal information on this website

We take your privacy very seriously

We use cookies to collect information about how our visitors use this website. This information is used for improvements and further development of the website. Some examples of what that information would be are what kind of web browser you are using, and how you navigate around the pages.

This information is collected using Google Analytics which is a service for collecting and analyzing of that data. It's not possible for us to identify single individuals using this service.

This website also uses another third party service called Google ReCaptcha to prevent spam when submitting forms.

Via our contact form and support form we collect data such as your name, email address and phone number. By using these forms you agree that we save your data in our database, and that we can send you digital communication or call you. We will never share your personal details to any third part. You can withdraw your concents at any time.

When you're logging in with your given username and password, your IP address will be collected. This is done to maintain security, find errors or for access control. These addresses can also be used to compare to activities on this site.

All communication between web browser and webserver are encrypted with a valid SSL certificate.

Panoptes AS reserves all rights on this website and all it's content. Any form of copy of it's content requires written permission. The site contains links to other websites, and Panoptes will not be held accountable for external websites content or storage of data.


Why use cookies?

To collect information to improve the website, and to provide the end user with quality services

How cookies are used

They are used to analyze website usage data.

Third party services

Google ReCaptcha and Google Analytics

Contact and support forms

Data from the forms are stored in our database, and will not be shared with anyone.


Website is SSL encrypted.

IP address collection

IP addresses are only collected when logging in for security purposes.

All rights reserved

All content of the website belongs to Panoptes.