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We deliver products and services for aquaculture


These are some of the products we produce and deliver.

Our services

Panoptes delivers a wide range of services. Some of the things included in purchasing of our products are listed here


Before delivery we always conduct an inspection of the facility. We want the delivery to work from day one after installation. We have worked several years with simplifying our products, and today we have plug & play solutions. We deliver complete solutions with feed surveillence, lice surveillence and surface cameras.


We customize the delivery uniquely to each facility and we can deliver a wired or wireless solution for datastreaming to the feedbarge. We can set up monitoring on the barges or facilitate transfers to a tilvekstsenter.


In delivery, we can offer user support via phone or remote support via internet. We also have a service agreement customized for the industry with a hotline 7 days a week.

About us and what we do

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  • Panoptes AS was established in 2014 with a focus on salmon lice. After comprehensive tests in fish cages, the results were so good that our collaborators wanted to integrate feed surveillence in the same platform.
  • We have used five years on the development and can today offer pictures of the highest quality with razersharp images of lice, unique pictures of feed, and surveillance of dead fish in the bottom of the cage without the need for any extra lights. Our lice cameras can in addition to detecting lice be used for monitoring sickness and damages on the fish.
  • We deliver some of the best and most advanced hardware and software solutions for the fish farming industry in regards to surveillance and monitoring of fish.
  • The company is today owned by one main investor and has people with long experience from fish farming, and IT solutions for aquaculture.
  • As of today we have since 2017 had running contracts with Lerøy Midt with deployments of our camera systems on several locations.
  • Contact Information

    • Kvenildmyra 6, 7093 Tiller,
           Trondheim, Norway

    • +47 413 55 001